The automated packaging line (APL) helps to automate the preparation of unit loads for transportation. The line is designed to be modular, and can include modules such as:

  • Loading ledge and cardboard applicator
  • Glue applicator
  • Corner protector applicator
  • Strapping unit
  • Stretch-film wrapping station
  • Label applicator

The pallet assembling machine (PAM) is designed to help factories introduce plastics and paper pallets into their existing palletising set-ups. The PAM reduces labour costs, and minimises wastage such as glue.

PAM-LL series for plastic loading ledges: PAM-PF series for paper feets:

The low-profile pallet strapping and wrapping machine (LSWM) series is designed to handle low-profile pallets. The dual-strap dispensing system allows for semi-automatic strapping, reducing the time required for each pallet. With the integrated wrapping module, both strapping and wrapping are combined in one machine. This improves efficiency by reducing pallet movements.


Inline transportation system

One important factor of a factory's overall efficiency is the movement of goods within the production floor. Excessive or slow movements can result in delays in subsequent work processes. ATEC can help you to design and put together inline transportation system that maximises efficiency and reduces labour costs.

In-mould labelling system

ATEC's in-mould labelling system (IML) allows containers to be affixed with decorative labels during the moulding proccess. This saves time and increases production efficiency.


PET preform cooling system

Designed specially for the PET preform moulding industry, this system features a high speed servo arm with a pick-up jig. The jig has an integrated cooling system that cools the outside of the preforms even as it moves. In addition, chilled air is blow into the inside of the preforms, giving more even cooling and less warp on the preforms.

Customized solutions


Stacking solutions can range from single-pile stacking to entire palletising solutions. ATEC offers customized solutions that is cost-effective and efficient.


One of our strengths is the ability to put together assembly systems that is designed for your products. From single-stage assembly to multi-stage assemblies.


We offer packing solutions that ranging from simple pick-and-place to complex packing processes capable of handling different parts, materials, and layouts.


Product or unit load labelling, inline or standalone, real-time printing or pre-printed: we will have a solution for your requirements.

Insert moulding

Our insert-moulding systems can cater to a range of sizes, materials, and mould configurations. Contact us to get more information.


ATEC offers quality-audit imaging systems for high-speed and/or precision production. These may be installed in-line or as standalone stations.